Route For Olympic Cycle Race Revealed

Dean Nicholas
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Route For Olympic Cycle Race Revealed

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Olympic chiefs have unveiled the route for the 2012 cycling road race, and as might be expected, it goes far beyond the central London turf favoured by Boris Bikers.

The race will begin at The Mall, as riders pile out of central London toward the southwest, passing through Westminster, Kensington, and Hammersmith & Fulham, crossing the bridge at Putney before a scenic nip into Richmond Park and back over the Thames at Richmond Bridge.

Next is Twickenham and another Royal Park (Bushey), and from there it's full pelt into Surrey's stockbroker belt: Walton, Weybridge, West Byfleet, and Dorking, before riders tackle the punishing switchbacks around Box Hill. The route back into town takes in Leatherhead, Esher, and Hampton Court Palace, before rejoining the outbound section in Richmond Park and finishing up in The Mall.

The gruelling race (250km for men, 140km for women; the extra distance for the men's will be made up during the Box Hill section) should provide a touch of local interest for the good burghers of Surrey. In Beijing, Nicole Cooke won the gold medal for Britain, and will be challenging again in 2012. For the men, Mark Cavendish will also be a good contender for the podium. Rather ambitiously, Brendan Gallagher in the Telegraph has already made his recommendations on the best places to watch the race.

A test race will be held this August, and the real races will be highlights of the opening weekend of the Games.

Image of cyclists in the London Grand Prix by McTumshie.

Last Updated 10 February 2011


Another route that goes nowhere near the East End, just like the marathon. Thanks, London 2012.


I don't think this was ever planned to go near the East End. The originally proposed one went over primrose hill and North. The route here looks good. I've done most of the Richmond/Kingston bits and should provide a good race. I'll attempt the full thing come the summer. It's about time I went to Box Hill.


This is dreadful, closing all those roads for a cycle race and causing inconvenience to thousands going about their lawful business. They even intend to trial it so more days of jams and frustration for us near the route. I'm fed up with these Olympics already, not only do I help pay for them financially but I pay for them in time and frustration too.   

Bert Nodules

From the map provided no-one I know can actually work out the route so we can plan our lives to avoid it and the local chaos it will cause. The trial is on Chertsey Show weekend, a much more important event than the olympics in my opinion and the route will cause problems for exhibitors and the public. It's all right saying look for the road closed signs but you try writing them down whilst driving around. We need a much more detailed map showing all towns around and inside  the route and a list of all the roads affected and times too. 
Some of us don't care one jot about the olympics but want to get on with our lives 


I tried to get the exact route from the Olympic info. site in Trafalgar Square today but they were unsure where it is going. The lady was telling everyone it was starting at 8.00am and I thought it is 10.00am. There are great barriers down Constitution Hill, what is their purpose? To prevent people seeing any of the race for free? My six mile run tomorrow morning will again be a marathon by the looks or things!!