Have You Seen J-Lo The Kennington Scarecrow?

By Lindsey Last edited 94 months ago
Have You Seen J-Lo The Kennington Scarecrow?

Yesterday, Project Dirt alerted us that Cottington Community Garden's scarecrow is missing. The communal kitchen garden on the Cottington Estate in Kenington is usually watched over by J-Lo but she mysteriously disappeared last week.

Her distraught garden friends say:

She was last seen wearing a curly wig, a red Chinese style top and blue jogging bottoms. She is about 6ft 2 inches with a pole up her bum.

There's wheat that needs watching and a new orchard to foster so let's help get J-Lo back to her patch. Please keep your eyes peeled and help get the word out by retweeting this.

If you have any information regarding J-Lo's whereabouts, please get in touch with Cottington Community Garden via Project Dirt.

Last Updated 16 February 2011