Foursquare Taps Into London History

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Foursquare Taps Into London History

Ever-addictive social game/network Foursquare just got a little bit more addictive for Londoners. If you check-in at any of 600 historical locations around the capital, you'll be presented with a piece of trivia about the location. Check-in four times, and you get a badge.

Better yet, many of London's top attractions, including the Globe, the Tower and HMS Belfast, are now using Foursquare to offer special deals. Check-in, for example, at Benjamin Franklin House and get 2-for-1 tickets to the museum. Or get 10% off in the Museum of London shop (home to an unrivalled collection of books about London). The scheme runs for six months.

Finally, Foursquare moves on from being a pointless but fun game.

The initiative was launched today by 'HISTORYT', which we assume is a typo of HISTORY, which we in turn assume is some kind of TV channel for people who like history. It's not clear from the press release. Ah yes, here we are.

Meanwhile, be sure to follow Londonist on Foursquare. We've also left hundreds of tips and bits of trivia across the capital, in our fool's errand of visiting every bar, restaurant, museum and shop in London.

Last Updated 17 February 2011