Dance Review: Resolution! 7 February 2011

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Dance Review: Resolution! 7 February 2011

A triplet of all female trios took to the stage of the Robin Howard Dance Theatre on Monday night for the22nd programme of Resolution! at The Place.

As hazy as the infuriatingly indistinct programme notes which Resolution! seems to specialise in, Mafê Toledo’s 'They said I (don’t) belong here' opened the evening with a pleasant enough display of stock Contemporary dance movement. Whilst the choreography was agreeable the intention was lost in translation. The dancers sit, glance, walk, run, fight at times, but fail to truly excite in this slow moving and repetitious work.

Similarly Motus Project’s Temporarily Perceived as Standing Apart suffers from a lack of clarity and slumberous pace. The dancers appear committed and focused but the choreography is confused. The trio emerge onstage, dress themselves and proceed to flock about in a red-socked, three-legged race that lacks any discernible meaning. Whilst flashes of choreography showed potential, coupled with a somnolent soundtrack, this final work of the evening quickly became a sleepy affair.

Book-ended by these comparably sluggish works, Maia Lloyd Dance’s piece 'Skip Select Rewind' was a refreshing change of pace and use of music. A film projection follows a Londoner on the daily walk home from the office as the engaging trio perform Maia Lloyds sharp, slick choreography. Subtle but smart links are made between the film and the movement taking place on stage. Like figments of a daydreamer’s imagination the dancers move effortlessly to the tunes selected on the commuter’s ipod. If only every commute and indeed, dance work, could be so interesting.

Image: Maia Lloyd Dance
Resolution! continues at The Place until 18 February.

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