Bryant And May Get New Website, Graphic Novel

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Bryant And May Get New Website, Graphic Novel

The Bryant and May novels by Christopher Fowler should grace the shelves of anyone who loves a creamy dollop of London in their reading matter. His eponymous, 80-something detectives regularly find themselves wading through the capital's lost rivers or exploring forgotten corners of the transport system.

Today, Fowler announced two developments to quicken the hearts of his many fans. We already knew that the unorthodox sleuthers are set to feature in their first graphic novel. Now it has a title, and an implied series of sequels. The Casebook of Bryant & May 1: The Soho Devil.

Second, the Peculiar Crimes Unit, which Bryant and May founded over 60 years ago, now has its own web site. Like a pair of Bryant's trousers, it needs a little patching round the edges, but is a fine treasure-trove in the making for fans of the series. We particularly like the full listing of Arthur Bryant's bookshelves.

With a new regular novel on the way soon, there's never been a better time to start reading these mischievously sinister tales.

Last Updated 07 February 2011