Art Review: Immured in Hessian, Glen Baxter

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Art Review: Immured in Hessian, Glen Baxter

We should warn readers straight off that this is probably not going to be an entirely objective review, as Londonist is a proven fan of absurd cartoonist Glen Baxter. Let's just say that this is more of a 'heads up, don't miss this' kind of post.

So there are around 12 shiny new Baxter oeuvres hanging in the basement of the Flowers Gallery in Cork Street. Mr. B. rarely has exhibitions in the UK: he has a loyal following over here for sure, but he is in huge demand in Belgium and France (homes respectively of bandes dessinees and the absurd). In fact they like him so much in the town of Meymac in France that for Christmas 2010 they gave him the whole of their town hall to play with, as you will see if you click through to the artist's own website. Anyway, this means that we just have to wait our turn.

Previously avowed bias notwithstanding, it has to be said that Baxter's work, if anything, gets better over the years, like a piece of ripe sculpted tofu dangling over the foresprit. And close up they do indeed seem to be painted on hessian.

This exhibition is central and accessible, free, and something to make you smile broadly from ear to ear. Highly recommended. Go in your lunch hour.

The Flowers Gallery is at 21, Cork Street W1S 3LZ, and it is open Monday to Friday from 10am - 6pm and Saturdays from 10am -2pm. Tel: 020 7920 7777.

Last Updated 09 February 2011