Union Chief: Chances Of Royal Wedding Tube Strike "Remote"

Dean Nicholas
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Union Chief: Chances Of Royal Wedding Tube Strike "Remote"

Perhaps mindful of their already-dismal reputation being dragged down to new depths of public loathing, Tube driver union Aslef has hurriedly poured water on the possibility of a Tube strike happening on the day of the Royal Wedding, describing the chances as "remote".

A brief note on the Aslef website states that there has been no ballot as yet, and that the subject of striking on April 29th had not been discussed by the union's executive. London officer Steve Grant said that negotiations on payment for Bank Holidays were to resume this week, while General Secretary Keith Norman described the story as "premature".

Predictably, the story has done laps around the Internet before the truth has even got its boots on. The BBC and Sky have covered it, while various 'disgruntled of Dulwich' - types have flooded the Standard's article on the matter with incandescent tirades against the union.

Still, the question remains: was it an anti-union media conspiracy, Aslef cock-up, or a bit of both?

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Last Updated 10 January 2011