Ticket Alert: London International Ska Festival 21-24 April

By SallyB2 Last edited 98 months ago
Ticket Alert: London International Ska Festival 21-24 April

Well this has put a smile on our drear, shivery, January faces. SKA! The clown of the music world, with its irresistible catchy beats, unexpected changes of direction and sheer joie de vivre. There's a whole weekend of the stuff coming to town. And the Clapham Grand is such a cheery, cheesy venue that it's always a pleasure to visit.

The London International Ska Festival has got a really impressive line-up (22 bands, although if we're strictly honest we'll admit that we haven't actually heard of all of the artists involved), and it's only just around the corner (well, a couple of months and a short bus ride away). The acts that grabbed our attention are the Hotknives, who've been around, well, a while; Cartoon Violence (gotta love the name); The Ska Flames (Japanese ska - no really), and the Dub Pistols (yeah - you'd heard of them, right?). But really one is spoilt for choice.

Anyway, get yourself some tickets, put it in the diary, and start looking forward instead of down. (Image/cakehole)

Last Updated 27 January 2011