TfL In Spitalfields Puddle Trouble

By BethPH Last edited 96 months ago
TfL In Spitalfields Puddle Trouble

TfL are in hot (or more likely cold and muddy) water over a giant puddle outside Spitalfields which appears every time it rains heavily, according to local shop owners who say they first reported it to Tower Hamlets council two years ago and no action was taken until TfL claimed ownership of the puddle.

The large body of water is apparently on a pavement along a red route, which makes us wonder if TfL will have to notify themselves under Boris Johnson’s new roadworks scheme that they’re going to fix it or perhaps fine themselves if they run over schedule.

A TfL spokesman said they hoped to resolve the problem soon, but we really wish they’d said they were looking into it.

Update: TfL told us this afternoon that they have in fact looked into the puddle already, made some repairs and will continue to keep an eye on things.

Photo by RobW

Last Updated 13 January 2011