New Putney Restaurant To Resurrect Forgotten Tunnels

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New Putney Restaurant To Resurrect Forgotten Tunnels

'Hidden vaults' - two words guaranteed to stir us from our January slumber. The vaults in question are beneath Lower Richmond Road, Putney...and they're about to be turned into a restaurant.

The site owners have won permission to transform the derelict property at 2 Putney High Street into a subterranean dining space extending underneath the road.

The successful application also includes provision to burrow through the river wall onto the 'poorly used' embankment area. A separate application, yet to be approved, would allow this space to be used for a bit of al fresco.

Ironically, the self-same bit of embankment is also coveted by the organisation that knows more than anyone about subterranean spaces in London. Thames Water have proposed the space as a work site for their 14-mile Thames sewer tunnel. Either way, bottoms-up!

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Philip D.

There is some amazing history under Putney High Street or was back in the 70's. Well worth investigating. I spotted WW2 posters and a Victorian shop front facing outward into the tunnels in the mid 70's
The shop front was on the opposite side of the basement door to W.H.Smith. The door into this street was found while a safe was being replaced. When the safe was moved we found a door into the subterranean street and investigated then closed the door. It was a wow moment that I will always remember.