New Putney Restaurant To Resurrect Forgotten Tunnels

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New Putney Restaurant To Resurrect Forgotten Tunnels

'Hidden vaults' - two words guaranteed to stir us from our January slumber. The vaults in question are beneath Lower Richmond Road, Putney...and they're about to be turned into a restaurant.

The site owners have won permission to transform the derelict property at 2 Putney High Street into a subterranean dining space extending underneath the road.

The successful application also includes provision to burrow through the river wall onto the 'poorly used' embankment area. A separate application, yet to be approved, would allow this space to be used for a bit of al fresco.

Ironically, the self-same bit of embankment is also coveted by the organisation that knows more than anyone about subterranean spaces in London. Thames Water have proposed the space as a work site for their 14-mile Thames sewer tunnel. Either way, bottoms-up!

Last Updated 11 January 2011