Monday Miscellanea

Dave Haste
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Monday Miscellanea

This Week In London’s History

  • Monday - 3rd January 1883: Clement Richard Attlee is born in Putney. He would become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1945.
  • Tuesday - 4th January 1698: The Palace of Whitehall is destroyed by fire.
  • Wednesday - 5th January 1964: The Underground’s first automatic ticket barrier is installed at Stamford Brook station.
  • Thursday - 6th January 1725: The doors to Guy’s Hospital are opened for the first time. 60 patients are admitted.
  • Friday - 7th January 1928: In the early hours of the morning, the waters of the Thames reach the highest level ever recorded in London (5.55 metres above the datum line). The resulting flood drowns fourteen people, destroys the homes of thousands more, and causes massive damage to the collections of the Tate Gallery.

Random London Quote Of The Week

The problem is that many MPs never see the London that exists beyond the wine bars and brothels of Westminster.

Ken Livingstone

Picture by Ewan-M, used under a Creative Commons licence.

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