Live Music Preview: The Go! Team

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Live Music Preview: The Go! Team

The Go! Team

With six members - two of whom are drummers - and influences that run right from 70s TV themes and old skool hip hop to lo-fi indie, The Go! Team have always been an intriguing proposition. Their perky, sun drenched sound was utterly refreshing when it first gained prominence in 2005, earning them a Mercury nomination for first album ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike’.

Things went a little quiet after the second record - 2007’s ‘Proof of Youth’ – but now, over three years later, they’re back with new single called ‘Buy Nothing Day’, an album on the way and a date under the arches at Heaven next month.

It’s a bit early to judge what little of the new material we’ve heard so far, but on first listen it seems to pick up right where the band left off. They sound as original, perky and enthusiastic as ever, so hopes are high for an album that proves The Go! Team have developed without losing the spark that made earlier records so excitingly listenable.

Hopefully a little time away from touring will have left them itching to reassert their live reputation too. With a flamboyant, unpredictable front woman called Ninja at the helm and so many people and instruments involved, they can sound truly orchestral at times. As long as your orchestra involves scratchy guitars, lots of drums and inspired use of samples, that is.

The Go! Team bring their kaleidoscopic live show to Heaven on 8 February. Tickets are available now.

Last Updated 17 January 2011