In Pictures: Naked Cowboy at St Pancras

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In Pictures: Naked Cowboy at St Pancras

Definitely dishy and with more swaggering American confidence than any man should probably be allowed, New York's very own Naked Cowboy sauntered into St Pancras raring to go and keen to big up the New York Bagel Co's UK relaunch. No he actually wasn't naked, but anybody that can make a career playing goofy songs about bagels and such while flirtin' with the ladies and bandying about in hat, boots and tidy whities certainly deserves some kudos.


As for the bagels, we had a few bites. Ye olde Londonist world was not rocked but we reckon they're better than what's usually tossed off as bagels this side of the Atlantic.

Photos/Chris Osburn

Last Updated 20 January 2011