Advance Preview: Sci-Fi London Film Festival

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Advance Preview: Sci-Fi London Film Festival

It all started with the discovery of a Blake's Seven badge in the corner of the Londonist office. A little after that a latex Borg earpiece was left in the cloakroom. It wasn't long before we realised that they they were living among us. Sci-fi fans. They can run and hide alright - but only for short bursts of time, before their natural enthusiasm and excess of irrelevant knowledge bubbles to the surface. You've probably got one in your office too.

So it's just as well that the Sci-Fi London Film Festival is a bi-annual event. Keeps 'em busy with something to look forward to. We're posting details of this year's festival exceptionally early, as a) these things usually need to be planned, especially if you are planning on, er, going in costume; and b) if you want to submit a film for showing, you will need to get a move on. Although of course, you could always join the festival's annual 48 hour film-making challenge.

We like the look of this particular festival because it is very, well, London-ish. It is not a regular convention - you know the sort, wherein groupies flock to meet the stars of ageing boxsets: it is rather all about grassroots creativity, encouraging the high fliers of tomorrow's science fiction (which is really what sci-ci is all about, if you think about it). And it's not just about films: there are plenty of talks and demonstrations in the programme which vaguely promise some real science.

The Spring festival this year runs from the 23rd April-3rd May, and takes place mostly at the Apollo Piccadilly Circus. Be seeing you.

Last Updated 29 January 2011