Tube Passengers Let Off At Closed Station

Dean Nicholas
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Tube Passengers Let Off At Closed Station

Canada Water stationFor the second time during the industrial action of recent months, passengers were mistakenly let off at Canada Water station during November's Tube strike.

BBC London reports that seven passengers alighted at the station's Jubilee line platforms on 29 November, despite the station being closed. The group escaped through the emergency exits. Fortunately, one member of staff was on hand to assist the passengers. TfL has blamed the incident on what they call 'driver error', but it's probably better explained as 'driver absent-mindedness'. Not really the most reassuring explanation. During an earlier strike on 4 October, two passengers wandered around the closed station for some time before finding their way out.

Fun as it might seem to some, nobody really wants to spend too long in a locked Tube station. In the 2005 film Creep, Franka Potente finds herself trapped after hours at Charing Cross station (actually filmed at Aldwych) where she encounters all manner of bellicose beasties preying upon vulnerable human flesh.

For a less dramatic account of what goes on in the Underground after hours, read our report of a nocturnal trip to Leicester Square.

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Last Updated 15 December 2010