Tom Daley Poses On The Olympic Diving Board

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 89 months ago
Tom Daley Poses On The Olympic Diving Board

Diver Tom DaleyThe Olympic Delivery Authority has released a picture of teenage diver Tom Daley, one of Britain's brightest medal hopes for the 2012 Games, standing on top of the diving board in the Aquatics Centre during a visit to the Olympic Park this week.

The 5m and 10m boards seen in this photograph (the latter can be seen in the background) were designed by the building's architect, Zaha Hadid, and in Tom's words, are like "waves coming out of the floor". When complete, there will be six boards in total.

Last Updated 23 December 2010


To be fair, unless you post the high res version, that could be ANYONE. That could just be a construction worker whose name happens to be Tom Daley. For that matter he could be called Geoff, how would we know? Great, a photo of a bloke called Geoff on a diving board, thanks for that.

Mark Walley

Kinda feel they missed a trick here, if they'd spent a bit more and shot professional shots of the athletes (preferably in gear) as if they were actually about to compete in an obviously under-construction stadium, but as it is it's just some people in hi-viz jackets. Still, nice to see.