Sutton Cop In Mercy Dash Through Snow

By Cat Wiener Last edited 116 months ago
Sutton Cop In Mercy Dash Through Snow

Sutton police were involved in a mercy dash to beat thickly-falling snow on Tuesday morning and ensure a surgeon stuck in gridlocked, snowbound traffic made it to hospital in time to carry out a life-saving operation.

The police were on a routine patrol in Park Road, Carshalton, when they were approached by a surgeon who explained he had to get to St Helier Hospital to operate on a critically ill patient who was bleeding internally. He'd had an emergency call-out from his home in Purley at 7.30, but two hours later snowbound traffic meant he was still only in Carshalton.

Sergeant Mark Dolce told him to get into the police car and, with sirens blaring and blue lights flashing had him at the hospital within six or seven minutes. Of his potentially life-saving mission, Sergeant Dolce said: "It was great to be on the spot at the time and to help with such an important journey."

Last Updated 01 December 2010