Bank Holiday Round-Up

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Bank Holiday Round-Up

Here's what we've learned whilst you've been busy, well, you know, just busy...

  • The West End was really horrid very busy yesterday and today. Have you been to the sales? How was it for you?
  • In the meantime, Leicester Square has been reduced to a building site.
  • Four children have been taken into police care from a flat where a 15 year old boy was found dead in the bath.
  • Ilford has a new shelter for the homeless.
  • Nine men have now been charged with conspiracy to bomb London during the run-up to Christmas. Yay for clever policemen.

Covent Garden, Christmas Day 2010, by murphyz via the Londonist pool.

Last Updated 27 December 2010

William K Wallace

I know what I learned and that was to avoid all sales like the plague, my time is more valuable than wasting it trying save a few bob fighting my way throw crazed people!


I was in Regent Street today and it was as quiet as I've ever seen it around 11am. In the afternoon it was manic, but even Oxford Street seemed less intense than a usual Saturday afternoon.