The Human Body, Photographed By The Light Of Bacteria

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The Human Body, Photographed By The Light Of Bacteria

Over-probing airport security scans? Nope. Soft porn from the 22nd Century? Definitely not. These beautiful images of the human body are part of a new exhibition at the Royal Institution. Each was taken using the light emitted by the bioluminescent bacteria Photobacterium phosphorem. Artist Anne Brodie developed the technique and exhibition in collaboration with scientist Dr Simon Park and writer Dr Caterina Albano. The subjects are revealed in an unearthly, though completely natural, light.

The exhibition opens tonight (7pm), with a talk by the artist. Book in advance through the Royal Institution. The exhibition then runs through till 3 December.

While we're talking about the Royal Institution, we'll sneak in a little plug. Londonist M@ is writing and co-hosting another science-themed pub quiz on 15 November. All welcome, whatever your level of knowledge.

Last Updated 04 November 2010