Art Preview: No Comfort @ The NewGallery London

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Art Preview: No Comfort @ The NewGallery London


A new and rather interesting hostelry has sprung up on Peckham Road, as if to console locals mourning the seasonal passing of their fave pop-up bar, Frank's. The NewLondon Gallery is more gallery with bar than vice versa, and is attracting some interesting artists.

Alex Sturrock is no newcomer to the art scene: he is an established photographer with an impressive portfolio.

This weekend sees him in residence at the NewLondon with what may be the first ever mobile-phone-photo dependent exhibition. Photo slideshows will be transmitted from 'troubled' spots around the world, and shown in realtime over a three day period.

“The hope is that this participatory way of viewing allows people to feel closer to a story or person than they would if they saw the images through a typical media outlet. So many of us are “desensitized” to the reality of what we see in the mainstream media. These are personal stories sent by people who face a day to day reality very different from our own, places such as Afghanistan or Haiti. They are sent in good faith and in the hope that someone will witness them and understanding a little more what their life is like.

The images are as real as the people that take them, and without the sender the work becomes something else, therefore once this exhibition closes the slideshows will not be shown again.”

The show runs from 11am - 11pm, from 4th-6th November. The bar/gallery is at Pelican House, 95 Peckham Road, London, SE15 5PY. Oh, and they do food as well.

Last Updated 04 November 2010