Night Night! Sleep Tight.....

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Night Night! Sleep Tight.....

bedbug.lon.jpg And we really hope the bed bugs don't bite. But in London currently there is a jolly good chance that they will.

This is not new news: as long ago as 2004 Londonist was reporting on the phenomenon, and there have been irate-tourist-sues-London-hotel stories on and off since then. But numbers of this creepie crawlie seem to be creepie crawling upwards exponentially. It was an outbreak in Haringey that brought the matter to our attention again. That and the fact that we actually know people who have had issues with the critters. No, not us.

If you are moving into a property, especially if it is rented/furnished, look out for the telltale signs - blood spatters on soft furnishings, and a funny smell (eurgh). If you are unlucky enough already to be sharing your bed with the buggers, don't hang around hoping they will go away: call in professional bug-zappers to sort it out for you. There is no need for embarassment, as bed bugs will as happily live in clean homes as dirty ones, and are refreshingly indiscriminate when it comes to class.

For once we cannot blame an infestation on global warming. This is in all likelihood a less desirable side-effect of increased tourist numbers in the capital. Which means that the prospect of the 2012 Olympics has pest controllers rubbing their rubber-gloved hands hands with sadistic glee.

Oh I'm sorry. Were you just about to go to bed? What insensitive timing...


Last Updated 12 November 2010