Attack Of The Bugs

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Attack Of The Bugs
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London is being invaded by hordes of bedbugs thanks to the recent humid weather and "warm temperatures".

According to Marcella Ucci of University College, by 2050 the bedbug population in the South East will "have increased by up to eight times".

Doesn't sound too bad does it? But hang on, consider this fact: "If you've got an old pillow, up to 10 per cent of its weight can be from dust mite faeces."

Not so blase now are we?

So what can we do about this immminent infestation? "Taking your duvet off during the day helps," apparently, but failing that Ms Ucci thinks that maybe "bedrooms should be designed differently".

How differently exactly? Hermetically sealed and decorated with large signs showing a picture of a bed bug with a big red line through it?

Some useful bedbug facts and elimination tactics for your peace of mind.

Last Updated 25 November 2004