Londonist News: New Site Coming

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Londonist News: New Site Coming

New look LondonistExciting changes are afoot here at Londonist. At some point over the weekend, you'll be seeing a very different layout. We're shifting systems, moving from the Movable Type 4 software over to Wordpress, giving us much more control over the site. We'll be trying out some new ideas. For example, a common gripe with our current blog format is that posts move down the page too quickly as new stories replace them. So we'll be experimenting with a (slightly) more magazine-like style, with the most interesting posts hanging around for longer.

Now, moving six years of archive plus all the associated images, tags and comments is clearly a big task. Anyone who's ever taken their own site through such a move will know that bugs are inevitable. So apologies in anticipation for that, and please be patient as we iron things out. Also, the initial look of the page is very much a starting point, rather than a fait accompli. Our immediate priority is to switch systems. The design will be tweaked and improved over the coming weeks, and we'd very much appreciate your feedback on how to get it right.

See you on the other side!

Last Updated 19 November 2010