2012 Cupcake Curtain Cut

By Lindsey Last edited 98 months ago
2012 Cupcake Curtain Cut

Stadium exo-skeleton by Andy Wilkes, 22/10/10
LOCOG's belt tightening and cost trimming in light of the Coalition's spending review has resulted in the Olympic Stadium losing its decorative wrap.

The icing on the original cupcake was to be a fabric curtain enclosing the bones of the stadium, completing the bun sunk into the ground look and jollying the outer structure with images of sporty types gallivanting. Its function was not merely aesthetic; it was designed to minimise crosswinds inside the stadium but Lord Coe insists that its omission will not affect athletes' performances. Cutting the curtain will save a cool £7m.

Naturally, should a corporate sponsor come forward to claim the massive branding opportunities on a mega cupcake wrapper, the curtain could still be reinstated. But to be honest, we've grown rather fond of the exoskeletal stadium, which looks just lovely on the webcam this autumn morning.

Last Updated 03 November 2010