Week Around The Ists

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Week Around The Ists


  • Gothamist was reminded that the rent is TOO DAMN HIGH and that the prepared food-next-to-garbage in the Whole Foods elevator isn't supposed to be normal.
  • DCist featured amazing video footage of a man leaping across the Metro tracks to help someone who had fallen off the platform, while continuing to keep a close eye on developments in the highly divisive DC9 case.
  • Seattlest welcomed the booze-serving "Starbucks of the future." Oh...and President Obama stopped by as well for some rallying and baked goods.
  • Shanghaiist celebrated the start of ShanghaiPRIDE, China's only LGBT pride event (now in its second year), by going to its crazy opening bash, watching The Vagina Monologues and talking to high school students starting the first LGBT youth group in Shanghai.
  • LAist took a look at the issue of the government's unwillingness to regulate condom use in the "adult" industry aka "I Can Haz HIV?"
  • Bostonist stared down Shaq, peeked into an indie video game studio, and invented the Internet. Wait, whoops, no, that last one is totally Al Gore campaigning. Never mind.
  • Phillyist was up to no good this week, first drinking and then weighing in on slutty Halloween costumes.
  • Londonist went ghost hunting during Halloween season, finding a spook for every borough of their city.
  • SFist looks forward to the Giants winning the World Series. Fingers crossed.
  • Chicagoist interviewed Grammy-winning rapper Rhymefest, who's running for 20th Ward Alderman. They also profiled a University of Chicago grad raising money for his documentary of a suburban mall best known for a car chase scene in the Blues Brothers, and the staff listed their things they love about fall.
  • Last Updated 25 October 2010