STYLEist: The Rising Designer Interviews - Stacey Richards

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STYLEist: The Rising Designer Interviews - Stacey Richards

London's taste for the eclectic and avant-garde keeps it firmly at the frontiers of fashion - creating the perfect, fertile environment from which an abundance of new designers can emerge. The energy and diversity of the city has been a constant source of inspiration for generations of London-based designers and indeed, anyone interested in fashion, and this series of STYLEist celebrates the amazing talents of the capital's up and coming style-setters.

Stacey Richards

I formed Sample Remix in 2006/07 whilst I was studying for my degree at the University of Lincoln and I’ve continued to design and produce garments as bespoke one-off pieces for clients photoshoots and catwalks. Sample Remix specialises in one-off couture pieces, custom made, measured and cut for the wearer - creating that unique edge that I have a reputation for. The best way to describe my work would be that it is like wearing a functional piece of art which has been made just for you. Some of my achievements include returning as guest lecture at Lincoln Uni, Alternative Fashion Week collection and an Alt Fashion magazine feature.

Describe your brand

The Sample Remix brand is all about making something special and unique for the client. Taking ideas from all around and re-sampling them to create the unique piece. I've been told the brand is quite eclectic and has a mixed style from fetish to high end couture. The brand itself started in my final year of University, I had always wanted my own label when I finished my degree as I couldn't imagine not making something or being creative.

What does fashion mean to you?

When I first went to study fashion I wasn't crazy about it, like the way I am now. I find it fascinating how you can change your whole mood and put on a new persona by simply changing your outfit. I wouldn't say I 'm one of these people who must have the current seasons "it" item. I look for items that make me smile or make me feel good when I am in them. This is what I try and do with my own brand as I want to give people that piece in their wardrobe that they love to wear and which makes them feel amazing.

Who epitomises London Fashion for you?

It's not really one person, it's more the whole street culture we have here, how people don't care what others think and just wear what they want. I think in London we are really good at mixing ideas and inspirations from all over the world and even history to create our own looks. It's a really inspiring place to work and live, I think a lot of other designers around the world look at our street culture for inspiration for their own collections.

How has London inspired you or your designs?

London is an amazing place, you see people wearing anything and everything. I love people watching and it's great to see everyone's own personal style. It's very inspiring. There is so much culture and differing opinions in London it's hard not to get inspired.

Where do you hang out?

I’m a bit of a hermit and tend to spend my time in my studio researching, designing or making items. When I do venture out I like to go around Portobello Road to find little bits, checking out exhibitions mainly in the Tate galleries and going round the East London area to events and club nights.

What's the worst outfit you've seen someone wearing on the tube?

I’m a strong believer in wearing whatever makes you happy as a person. Be it an extravagant hat to a simple 3 piece suit. Although not everything people wear is to my own personal taste, I love seeing people on the tube or just out and about who make the effort to not care what others think and wear what they want.

What was the first thing you designed?

Hmm I can remember drawing design ideas when I was a child but I guess fashion design proper didn’t really start until I was in college. The final collection of my National Diploma was military style looking at WW2. Instead of looking at British Military I looked at the German side and did two outfits based around this theme. I had loads of fun doing the mini collection; I hand dyed my fabrics and used inks on a skirt. I made a un-boned bustier to which I sewed cardboard photo slides with military images inside. It was great fun and from doing that it really sparked my love for fashion.

Which designers inspire you?

Well I adore Vivienne Westwood, I really admire the way she is using her fashion to express her political views and what really matters to her. John Galliano will always be a huge inspiration for me, his work just goes into that amazing world of fantasy. Alexander McQueen just did what felt right to him and in the process made the most beautiful creations. A true inspiration to me is Mildred from Mother of London who I have been lucky enough to work with - she went out there and made her mark on the fashion world.

Where can we buy your clothes?

You can buy my current designs online by visiting my Etsy shop at as well as my label site. I do custom work and, if you like my style but want something specifically made just for you, just get in contact.

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