Stoke Newington School Acts to Counter Homophobia

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Stoke Newington School Acts to Counter Homophobia

crisscross.lon.jpg Respect to Stoke Newington School, where headway is being made against the issue of homophobic bullying in the classroom. Lessons are being taught on the topic of gay history, and the persecution of famous homosexuals such as Alan Turing and Oscar Wilde. And it seems to be working: teachers report a more tolerant atmosphere in the five years since the scheme started, and other schools around the country are looking to copy the Stoke Newington blueprint. The word 'gay' is slowly being reclaimed from its use as a playground slur - although it maybe at the expense of the word 'criss-cross', which one of the pupils at the school rather spendidly uses to describe cross-dressers and transexuals...

Photo: 'criss-cross' dressers by randydandy.

Last Updated 26 October 2010