Preview: End of the Oil Age @ The Book Club

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Preview: End of the Oil Age @ The Book Club


Our friends at Future Human have another scintillating debate lined up for 13 October. End of the Oil Age will explore our continued reliance on the black stuff, the current state of energy research and possible future ways to power the damn device you're reading this on. The panel comprises solar energy campaigner Jeremy Leggett, comedian and futurologist Mark Stevenson and author Shaun Chamberlin, who also plays a prominent role in the 'transition towns' initiative. Future Human talks are always a bit special, nestled in the oddly furnished basement of Shoreditch's Book Club and brimming with brains, brilliance and Bellinis. This one's on 13 October from 7pm, and tickets can be procured here.

Last Updated 01 October 2010