Exhibition Review: In Gods We Trust by Nick Walker @ Art Sensus

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Exhibition Review: In Gods We Trust by Nick Walker @ Art Sensus

Photography by Chris Osburn

It's gotta be tough being a street stencil artist from Britain these days if your name isn't, well, you know who. But Bristol-based Nick Walker seems to be making a proper go of it. And riding on the “Exit Throught the Gift Shop” coat tails he ain't. Nick's been an integral contributor to the UK graffiti movement for more than 20 years, all the while producing wry, irreverent and often hilarious art along the way.

“In Gods We Trust”, his first major solo show in two years, is no exception. Sticking to what he does best (the stencils) while incorporating concept pieces, it's a ballsy exhibition. At last night's private view, Londonist was pleased to see his latest offering of bitingly satyrical visualized observations. A centrepiece crucified chocolate Jesus (no that's not the name of a religiously overtoned Blaxplotation flick) being chiselled at by a pair of giddy little curly haired blonde girls gave the PV an especially fun-through-iconoclasm tone. Star spangled burqas, the Pope as Bond villian and much more await the curious in search of refreshingly anti-social art.

“In Gods We Trust” runs until November 27th at Art Sensus (7 Howick Place, SW1P 1BB). Visit www.artsensus.com for details.

Last Updated 13 October 2010