Design For 2012 Beach Volleyball Unveiled

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 97 months ago
Design For 2012 Beach Volleyball Unveiled

The design for the 2012 beach volleyball stadium on Horse Guard's Parade has been released to the public. The arena, which will cater to 15,000 salivating males and their long-suffering ladyfriends, is roughly the same size as Wimbledon's Centre Court — hopefully the Brits will see more success here.

The temporary structure will be assembled in just six weeks and dismantled shortly after. It has two bowls surrounding the court, with the outer one reaching 62m high; the top tiers will offer spectacular views of central London, though the view of the on-sand action probably won't be so great. The BBC has a useful infographic
describing how the arena works.Westminster council will decide on whether to grant planning permission within the next three months.

Last Updated 29 October 2010