STYLEist: Rising Designer Interviews - Sarina Poppy

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STYLEist: Rising Designer Interviews - Sarina Poppy

London's taste for the eclectic and avant-garde keeps it firmly at the frontiers of fashion - creating the perfect, fertile environment from which an abundance of new designers can emerge. The energy and diversity of the city has been a constant source of inspiration for generations of London-based designers and indeed, anyone interested in fashion, and this series of STYLEist celebrates the amazing talents of the capital's up and coming style-setters.

Sarina Poppy

Sarina graduated from Bournemouth Arts Institute in 2007 with a BA Hons in Costume for the Screen and Stage. Sarina Poppy founded a bespoke corsetry label immediately after graduation and has supplied the work to boutique shops and alternative brides. As well as specialising in corsetry Sarina Poppy's career has spanned theatres and world-class opera companies where she worked as a supervisor and a bespoke tailor.This has provided an important foundation for the inspiration for the collections which have mostly been inspired by fairy tails and theatrical productions.

The 2009 collection in Brighton (Theatrical Couture) was focused on a diverse collection of different colours, shapes and styles from different periods in time. The 2010 collection at Brighton fashion week (the Enchanted Forest) was based around good and evil fairy tail characters and challenged their stereotypes, and the 2010 London Alternative fashion week (Beauty and the Beast) reflected an interpretation of beauty. Currently Sarina Poppy is working as a university lecturer whilst developing her future collections.Watch this space!

Describe your brand;

One of a kind couture. I base many of my designs on historical shapes and patterns including corsetry and tailoring. My brand would be worn by someone who wishes to make a statement or stand out from the crowd.

What does fashion mean to you?

Everything. Image is everything. It represents you , or the character you want to be.

Who epitomises London Fashion for you?

Vivienne Westwood, her designs are daring and also practical. They would suit any Londoner!

How has London inspired you or your designs?

The diversity between the different cultures and and types of people in London is very interesting to me. I design for the individual, not the crowd, and I believe London is full of individuals. and as I walk around I see potential outfits for these individuals. My designs could be Incorporated into a business woman's/man's wardrobe, a glamour girls club wear, or Lady Gaga's sculptural pieces.

Where do you hang out?

Brighton, East London, Soho.

What's the worst outfit you've seen someone wearing on the tube?

It's probably more the worst way to wear an outfit for me, you can wear anything as long as you do it right!

What was the first thing you designed?

A wedding dress at the age of 8

Which designers inspire you?

Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen

Where can we buy your clothes?

From selected boutique shops, and from me, myspace

I'm currently re-doing my website - once completed customers will be able to make purchases online. She Said Boutique, Brighton; 01273 777811. Brazen Hussey, Essex; 01702 719888

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