Breaking: 'Ink Cartridge Bomb' Found On London Plane

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Breaking: 'Ink Cartridge Bomb' Found On London Plane

What's being described as 'an ink toner cartridge converted into a bomb' has been discovered on an aeroplane in London. The United Parcel Service flight was en route from Yemen to Chicago, stopping off at an undisclosed London airport. Two other planes, at Philadelphia and Newark in the US, are also being examined for suspicious packages. More as we hear it...

Update: 16:48 - there's much confusion on this story. CNN run the headline 'Bomb on plane in UK raises concern in US', but then say the package 'tested negative for explosive material.' Can you have a bomb without explosive material?

Update: 16:54 - OK, seems clear that the 'manipulated cartridge' on the London plane was not explosive, but there's something fishy enough about it to get the authorities worried. A truck and two planes, all operated by UPS, are being examined in the US, reports CNN.

Update: 18:52 - Sounds like, contrary to earlier reports, the initial plane was at East Midlands Airport, not in London.

Last Updated 29 October 2010