Week Around The -Ists

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Week Around The -Ists


News from around the ist-iverse.

  • SFist received this image from a nightclub owner frustrated his iPhone service, or lack thereof.
  • Shanghaiist poo pooed people who praise our city's skyline way too much by showing off what may be one of the ugliest buildings in the world - the Ping An Insurance building, which not only boasts ionic column after column for 40-something-stories, but is topped off with a giant, shiny, Roman dome. Just the thing to be built smack dab in our bustling, Blade-Runner-like financial center.
  • Gothamist got confirmation, by way of this map, that Manhattan is full of white people. Also, even babies like to block bike lanes.
  • Chicagoist sent their Food & Drink editor Chuck Sudo west to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado [Parts One, Two, and Three]
  • LAist served up the word that Downtown's 1930s Clifton's Cafeteria's new owners were going to revitalize the menu, infrastructure, and operations at the beloved mainstay.
  • DCist celebrated D.C. Fashion Week with a week-long series of interviews and photo galleries featuring five local designers and their work.
  • Seattlest bemoaned our statistically crappy summer and the fact that we couldn't even see the harvest moon that officially rang in fall.
  • Phillyist debated Vick versus Kolb for quarterback, just days after a book about the Michael Vick dogs hit store shelves.
  • Bostonist notes a spree of on-campus crime, frets over the idea of paying for the Globe online, and checks out a rally to legalize marijuana.
  • Londonist protested at the Pope, redesigned the escalator and relived the Blitz in an abandoned Tube station.
  • Last Updated 26 September 2010