Tower Bridge May Become Advertising Billboard

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 103 months ago
Tower Bridge May Become Advertising Billboard

Photo / Big Rock Cat
Whatever the pros and cons of intrusive advertising campaigns, there are some icons that shouldn't be messed with. So the news that the bascules (the lifting sections for non-architectural folk) of Tower Bridge might become a huge billboard is of concern. Scaffolding is to be erected around the bridge this winter to facilitate a new paint job, and Tower Hamlets and Southwark councils (which the bridge links) are considering a proposal, by the City of London Corporation, to shroud the scaffolding in advertising; Olympic sponsors are said to be favoured clients. Cue the mad men of McDonalds conjuring up a whole new lease of life for the phrase "Golden Arches". (Via SE1)

Last Updated 21 September 2010