Secret Cinema Competition: Winner And Best Entries

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Secret Cinema Competition: Winner And Best Entries


Yesterday we asked you to nominate the best place in London to screen a film, and the movie that should be shown there. We had plenty of entries through the twitter hashtag #sccomp and the comments thread. But our choice for the winning suggestion is this:

Memphis Belle at Biggin Hill airport, followed by a huge 1940s party

Good film, non-obvious location and we love the idea of a 40's bash. Congratulations to @Peanut1983 who wins two tickets to this weekend's Secret Cinema, when a mystery film will be shown at a mystery location.

Some of the other good suggestions we had (too many to list them all):

The Queen, at Buckingham Palace (@alexandrapullin)
  • First Harry Potter film at the London Zoo reptile room (@krazycat)
  • Grizzly Man in London Zoo (@garethgwynn)
  • V for Vendetta in the Houses of Parliament (commenter LeeLondon)
  • Dogma in St Paul's Cathedral (@ComradeJack)
  • King Kong projected onto the Gherkin (@Lizmakesfilms)
  • The Old Man and the Sea at Billingsgate Fish Market (@clairenelson)
  • Bram Stokers' Dracula in Highgate Cemetery (@IndieBoyLDN)
  • Recent Sherlock Holmes movie ON THE THAMES ITSELF, viewed from the viewing platforms of Tower Bridge (@NadiaKamil)
  • "Exit through the Gift Shop" in Tate Modern during normal opening times (@Berlinpriaten)
  • Delicatessen in Smithfield Market (@Millar)
  • Young Sherlock Holmes in either the Petrie Museum or Sir John Soane's Museum (@clockworkhobbit)
  • Life Aquatic in the London Aquarium (@TinkaTayla)
  • Dr Strangelove in the Churchill War Rooms (commenter Gordon Comstock)
  • Day After Tomorrow at the Thames the end of the showing the barrier opens. More realistic then 3D (commenter Simon Howlett)
  • Vertigo on the open air deck of the Shard, when it opens in 2012 (commenter James Stephens)
  • Die Hard 3: whenever John McClane runs, you have to leg it to a new spot for the next bit (@kennmunk)
  • Toy Story in Hamleys... preferably at Christmas. Kids screening, then adults only. Fancy dress=toy wanted from Santa (@littlemisswest)
  • And lots of suggestions for Creep or 28 Days Later in various abandoned Tube stations.

    Tickets are still available for the three Secret Cinema days this weekend (3-5 September). Sign up here.

    This sponsored competition was arranged by Secret Cinema in partnership with Windows Phone.

    Last Updated 02 September 2010