Raoul Moat: The Stage Play

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Raoul Moat: The Stage Play


Shock artist Mark McGowan has apologised after staging a play about the recent Raoul Moat incident. McGowan, performing at the Deptford X festival, transformed himself into the killer by placing a box on his head with the likeness of Moat cellotaped to the front. You can see a photo of this uncanny advance in stage makeup here. The one-man show, partly funded with lottery cash, saw McGowan take on multiple parts in his attempt to relate the events from Moat's perspective. The artist has stroked the nape of controversy on many occasions. Indeed, it looks like he's got more entries in our archive than any other artist, thanks to stunts such as re-enacting the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes (again with a cardboard head) and eating a corgi (head made of corgi).

Last Updated 29 September 2010