Preview: Eat Your Heart Out

Dean Nicholas
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Preview: Eat Your Heart Out

Non-gory cupcake. Photo / fabienne & co
Taking the tired cliche of 'food porn' all too literally, new Shoreditch store Maiden is to commemorate Halloween this year by hosting a morbid pop-up bakery in its basement that will serve up some beyond-the-pale delicacies.

The "world's first 18+ cake shop", Eat Your Heart Out will sell confections that would make a Gregg's baker blush. 666 delicacies will be made each day, and will include "road kill" sweets, cupcakes based on "suffocated porn", a cake that looks like the severed head of a baby, and a series of Russian roulette cookies: choose one and the taste could range from the exquisite (Turkish delight) to the emetic (cat food flavour, anyone?). Needless to say, there's plenty in here that could offend or alarm the more easily suggestible, so don't visit if the idea of a viscerally realistic yet perfectly edible human heart offends.

The foodstuffs come from the fecund, troubled mind of various culinary-inclined artists, including George Morton-Clark and David A Smith, and the whole event is curated by the Mad Artists Tea Party.

Eat Your Heart Out will be open from 28th - 31st October, in the 'dungeon' (ie, basement) of Maiden, at 188 Shoreditch High Street, E1.

Last Updated 22 September 2010