New Bond Street 'Europe's Most Expensive'

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New Bond Street 'Europe's Most Expensive'


Everything we know about life we learnt from the Monopoly board. And so it is that a new report cites Mayfair as the most expensive area in Europe to rent a shop. New Bond Street (or 'NBS' as some PR wonk will one day rebrand it, in a gormless bid to attract younger visitors) is the epicentre of upscale commerce, with shop rents reaching £925 and averaging £536 per square foot per year. To put that last figure in perspective, it'll cost you about a grand a year for the space taken by an open Monopoly Board. Despite its exclusive prices, New Bond Street still lags behind Fifth Avenue (NYC), Causeway Bay (HK) and Ginza (Tokyo) in this measure. Image / chrisjohnbeckett.

Last Updated 21 September 2010