London 20 Night Hike: Team Training Update!

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London 20 Night Hike: Team Training Update!

These feet (and some others) were made for walking
On Friday we asked you to help us choose a team theme for the night hike. Whilst you're considering how to best make us stand out, here's a training update from the kick ass crew of walkers:

Name: Ben Thacker

Training status: Good (a couple of 15-mile walks in the Alps last month, and I’m told there are fewer hills in central London)

Hopes: That my camera can deal with the darkness well enough to pick up some excellent snaps.

Fears: That it can't.

Name: Paul Chenery

Training status: fair - one practice walk of 11 miles - think I'm going to cruise it :)

Hopes: That I can stay awake all night without alcohol or energy drinks.  I'm sure the company and the buzz of the evening will get us through.  I'm very excited about seeing iconic London building in the middle of the night.

Fears: That I'm going to eat a bunch of kebabs and not be able to walk for a few days afterwards.

Name: Hazel Tsoi-Wiles

Training status: nil, but will be undertaking a 4 mile hike to work and then another 4 miles to home on the day of the Tube strike.

Hopes: to make it to all the buildings opening especially for hikers during the night, to raise lots and lots of money for Maggie's Centres, to see the sun rise over the city and feel like I've really achieved something.

Fears: blisters, bad sock choice ruining my night.

Name: Tom Allin

Training Status: Just done the CARE Challenge!

Hopes: to learn a little more about this city

Fears: realising 9 miles in actully how far 20 is!

Name: Marie Jones

Training status: Been doing a 6 mile hike several times a week

Hopes: to see London as I've never seen it before

Name: Ben Norum

Training status: My current training involves walking everywhere (due more to resentment at paying TfL than deliberate training, actually) and occasionally staying up all night.

Hopes: 9 yards of sausages is enough to go round (yes, I’ll be bringing homemade sausages along for sustenance)

Fears: a repeat of what happened to me last week when my shoe heel fell off. That would be unfortunate.

Name: Leanne Yee

Training status: So far I've managed one 10 mile hike (with plans to do a 15 mile hike this weekend as recommended by Maggie's), 3.5 mile walks to and from work, general stair climbing and last but not least... consumption of many delicious foods (for energy!)

Hopes: to develop the ability to sleep walk for the hike.  (I also hope there will be a bacon sandwich waiting for me at the finish line!)

Name: Dan Harris

Training status: Casual but intense

Hopes: A cheeky whisky on the way round/meeting fun new people on the walk round/not getting too grumpy

Fears: Overdosing on energy drink/lots of rain/blisters/finishing too early and the trains not running

Name: Lindsey Clarke

Training status: One 4 mile dog walk today after I realised what everyone else was doing plus carb loading on beer

Hopes: No rain

Fears: Rain

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