Pick The Londonist Night Hike Team Theme

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Pick The Londonist Night Hike Team Theme

These feet (and some others) were made for walking - not in these shoes though
Our motley crew of marvellous volunteer night hikers met up last night. Concluding that we needed a theme - something to make us stand out from the 2000+ other hikers, we failed to agree what our thing should be. So we want you to decide for us please. Your options are:

A. Homemade London hats (a la the 'Londonist Eye' hat - yes Hazel put it on her head and yes it fell off but the wheel did actually turn)

B. Wear something relevant to where we live or work in London (ie, live in Highbury, wear an Arsenal scarf, Blackheath is trickier....)

C. Something beginning with M - we stopped short of insisting we all dress up as Maggies as we could only think of Thatcher, Simpson and the Maggis condiment which is - bizarrely - German Soya sauce.

Help us please! Donate to our effort at our JustGiving page. Leave us a message with your donation stating A, B or C. We go with the option that raises the most cash and, oh boy, will we try hard.

We're still debating the practicalities of a battery powered slow cooker on a lead for the hike (raw meat at the start, lamb stew for the finish line?) and wondering how much damage can a cocktail or two do. If you know how far 9 yards of homemade sausages will stretch between 11 hungry hikers please let us know. You will be rewarded by that warm fuzzy feeling of giving to a good cause and by plenty of photos, tweets and possibly a terrible video documentary of our endeavour. Please get giving and cast your vote now!

If you need any extra encouragement, take a look inside Maggie's and find out more about what they do. Watch out for team "training" updates over the weekend.

Last Updated 03 September 2010