Fancy A Pint? Nine Boss Boozers To Try

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Last Updated 03 September 2010

Fancy A Pint? Nine Boss Boozers To Try

Our friends at Fancyapint only gave us 9 pubs this month - their other recommendation was in Somerset, which ain't that handy. But would you like to propose a tenth? Do.

By m'glug via the Londonist Flickrpool
- Colton Arms 5P_sl.jpg (Hammersmith)
A traditional pub, that you just won't want to leave.

- Jerusalem Tavern 5P_sl.jpg (Farringdon)
You're not much of a beer fan, if you haven't visited here.

- St. George & The Dragon 4P_sl.jpg (Acton)
A good bet in this part of town.

- The Dove 4P_sl.jpg (Hackney)
Save the Eurostar fare - spend it here instead.

- Jolly Butchers 4P_sl.jpg (Stoke Newington)
Formerly one of the roughest in N16, now one of the best.

- Nag's Head 5P_sl.jpg (Knightsbridge)
Apparently a favourite with a Mr J. Lydon, too.

- New Rose 4P_sl.jpg (Islington)
"just another pub" - their description not ours, doesn't do this one justice.

- Windsor Castle 4P_sl.jpg (Notting Hill)
Notting Hill's little piece of the countryside.

- Calthorpe Arms 4P_sl.jpg (Gray's Inn Road)
An old-school Young's boozer - catch it while you still can.

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