Dead Pubs: Gone But Not Forgotten

By Lindsey Last edited 167 months ago

Last Updated 25 August 2010

Dead Pubs: Gone But Not Forgotten

intrepidfox.jpg When a favourite pub closes down, it's sad. Many of us cultivate strong attachments to our preferred boozers, whether they're sticky floored grime holes, historic taverns or trendy drinking dens.

Be upstanding, then, for which has decided not to delete dead pubs from its listings but to memorialise and map them, as boozy ghosts amongst the still thriving hostelries.

Have a look at their Soho map. The Intrepid Fox lurks gothickly on Wardour Street, the campaign to save it remembered and its new incarnation, sat neatly by Denmark Street, signposted for any lost rockers. A growing list of shut down pubs appears here and you are encouraged to contribute to it. There's room to leave a comment with anecdotes, history and tributes to the pubs that have passed away.

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Image of a 1970s Intrepid Fox versus a sadly boarded up one by Roll the Dice