Video "Shows Runaway Tube Train"

Dean Nicholas
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Video "Shows Runaway Tube Train"

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Well, that's what the headline on the BBC London article says. Actually, the video depicts a monitoring display from a London Underground control rooms, which does show how close the runaway engineering train (a rail grinder unit, our friends at London Reconnections confirm) came to hitting a southbound Northern line train last week. Kudos to the LU staff involved for ensuring nobody was hurt. We'd love to see a real video though, particularly of the moment when (as described by the Rail Accident Investigation Board) the crew of the engineering train "jumped off the unit as it passed through Highgate station".

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Must have been scary on the passenger train if no info was given. 'Move to the front, and we're not going to stop anywhere,' isn't really commensurate with established threats, like a potential bomber. I'd have been conjuring up all kinds of Hollywood situations like a Speed-style dilemma or a Balrog in the tunnels.

Scary stuff. I wonder - has anyone calculated the likely effect had the two trains collided? They're moving in the same direction, right, so could it have resulted in anything worse than a bit of a shunt?


What's also remarkable is that, had this happened on any other line, the chance of a collision would've been considerably higher -- few other lines have the opportunity to divert trains onto a separate branch (I suppose the Jubilee does have the abandoned Charing Cross platforms, but that's about the only other one I can readily think of).