Victorian Newspaper 'The London Aggregate' Launches

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Victorian Newspaper 'The London Aggregate' Launches


Lee Jackson Esq., famed throughout this Kingdom as the ringmaster of that most estimable of organs, brings herald of a new periodical to challenge even the circulation of the Evening-Standard.

The London Aggregate, produced via calculatory mechanisms first essayed by Mr Charles Babbage - to wit, on a computer - purveys the news and features most worthy of superior attentions. In this first number (priced 3d.), we read with sadness the death of Sir Henry Irving, that masterful champion of the contemporary Stage. We tour the gigantic Globe of Mr. James Wyld, now opened in Leicester-square. We humour the whimsy of Susan, Countess of Malmesbury, who persists in the notion that a lady might circumambulate the town on a bicycle. The thought! Satisfaction for all right-thinking people can be found in the readers'-letters-pages, where those tawdry Match-girls are exposed for the undoubted frauds that they are.

With its diverse ejaculations on current affairs, the London Aggregate holds much salutary wisdom and intellectual succour for discerning gentlemen (and educated ladies) everywhere.

Last Updated 16 August 2010