The Boris Bike Challenges

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The Boris Bike Challenges


Interesting thread over on the Boris Bike forums. Forum member 'borisbiker' has issued a series of challenges for anyone seeking an extra kick from the cumbersome velocipedes. Specifically:

- How many docking stations can you visit in one day?

- How fast can you cycle?

- How far can you take a bike outside of London and back in 30mins / 1 hour / 1 day?

- And can a Boris Bike duathlon (running/cycling between docking stations) be organised?

The intrepid borisbiker spent 7.5 hours attempting the first challenge, clocking 61 racks (plus three that failed to work). He or she reckons 'some good planning would cut this right down,' so consider that a challenge.

We'd like to issue our own suite of (somewhat irresponsible) missions:

- How many adults can you carry on one bike?

- With friends, how big a convoy of Boris bikes can you muster?

- Track down Boris Johnson and provide a cycling escort whether he wants it or not.

Head over to the Boris Bike forum for impressively active discussion about all aspects of the scheme. Image by Martin Deutsch in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 16 August 2010