Strata Residents Feeling The Heat

Dean Nicholas
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Strata Residents Feeling The Heat

Photo: Heygate Estate and Strata by gazkinz
A week after "winning" the Carbuncle Cup, there's more bad press for Strata: a piece in the Standard claims that residents are upset by supposed failings in the tower's green credentials.

The paper has found one unhappy new homeowner who says that his flat is far too hot in the morning. None of the apartments (save the penthouse suites) have air conditioning, with natural ventilation preferred, and there is a single heating element located down the side of the building, which may be contributing to the temperature gain. There are also complaints over the tower's most conspicuous environmental sop, the three turbines (dismissed as greenwash by many critics), which have barely turned since residents began moving in at the beginning of July.

Is the overheating problem a common experience? A look through this forum, which has many contributions from residents, doesn't pull up any complaints about the temperature. Developer Brookfield has said that the low occupancy (around 13%) is to blame for overheating, with many internal ventilation doors closed, but they also borrowed an excuse straight from the British Rail copybook by blaming the "movement of the sun".

Have any Strata residents out there experienced similar issues?

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Last Updated 17 August 2010