Lego Jewellery For London

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Last Updated 05 August 2010

Lego Jewellery For London

080510Lego.JPG Got lots of cash? Like novelty jewellery? Have fond memories of playing with Lego (or, indeed, still indulge in occasional construction play sessions?) Then LIsa Taylor's Lego rings will appeal to you.

The silver rings will sell for £50.00 each, available exclusively at Selfridges, from later this month. The feature a single interchangeable Lego block - further charms can be added for £15.00 to £20.00 each. Don't all rush at once to spend your pocket money on these chunky adornments: they will also be part of the Selfridges Christmas bonanza themed on playtime. Play-Doh perfume and Lego nail polish (varnish blocks applied in interlocking lines?) will also be available as expensive stocking fillers. The range is intended for one of those made-up marketing demographics, the "kidults" who have adult salaries and childlike approaches to spending them.

You wouldn't want to lose such expensive jewellery so it's good to know that the traditional way to locate missing Lego bricks will work for these fashion accessories: take off your shoes, turn off the lights and walk across the room. Within seconds, those errant Lego charms will be lodged painfully between your toes, safely recovered and ready to wear again. Image author's own