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Extra Extra


  • London Aussies - your country needs you. To go to the polls.
  • It's been busy in Battersea today, with a hotel fire and a street stabbing.
  • Harden's report that London restaurant prices are finally being reigned in.
  • Don't read this if you are about to go in for an op: dozens of flesh-contaminated surgery kits have been found at Hilligdon Hospital.
  • On the other hand...St. George's in Tooting has just been commended for its after-stroke care.
  • Nine arrests have been made over a whopping great iPhone scam.
  • The emergency services are appealing to binge drinking City types to be more responsible as it emerges that there is a drink related call-out every 8 minutes on average.
  • The almshouse is to be reinvented in Lewisham.
  • Boy band Blue singer Lee Ryan has been charged with biffing his fiancee.

Hackney, by emre basala via the Londonist pool.

Last Updated 20 August 2010