Carry On Camping, Commuters!

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Carry On Camping, Commuters!

Caravan.jpg One way to beat London house prices and London rents is to bypass houses and flats and their attendant extortionate costs altogether. In an article of sort-of news, The Evening Standard looks at the fairly high number of people living in caravans or campsites on the edges of London, who commute in to the centre for work.

The conclusion is: it's sensible, economical and to hell with the stigma. Council workers, current staff from the Olympic park and Gladiators off the TV programme are doing it, to keep their costs down. Lucy Boggis, aka TV Gladiator Tempest is one of approximately 40 permanent residents on the Lee Valley campsite which is considerably cheaper than a one bedroom flat and puts her close to the athletics centre where she is training for the 2012 hepthalon.

Not only is caravan living in London very affordable, it's also, according to the Carry On films, absolutely hilarious too and could lead to Barbara Windsor's bra pinging into one's face. Who, in the contemplation of that, could insist that there's anything unglamorous or unseemly in opting to rent at a campsite instead of a new residential development?

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Last Updated 16 August 2010