Weekend Round-Up

By SallyB2 Last edited 104 months ago
Weekend Round-Up


Here's what we've learned this weekend whilst you've been wrapping up your vuvuzela and taking down your flags:

  • Gun crime i) five men were shot in Brixton on Friday night.
  • Gun crime ii) a man has been apprehended in connection with a spate of North London shootings.
  • A firm of Harley Street quacks has been shut down after it was discovered that nasal spray is not a cure for impotence.
  • The Hounslow and Brentford Times is to close down after over 100 years in print.
  • Dave is Sam Cam's Bat Man.
  • Live football, by Herschell Hershey via the Londonist pool.

    Last Updated 11 July 2010